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Reasons Why One Should Be Attending Church

Christianity is a popular religion in America having over Seventy percent of the population. A small percent of the Christian does not believe in the existence of God. Having that massive number as Christians the number of people who are attending the church is reducing each day. Some benefits are attached to the attending church, and in the article, we will discuss some of the reasons as per the research. To get the benefits, one should read the article below.

The church encourages and improves the levels of social support. Human being are social by nature . The church is accepting people to regroup and form unions such as the Parkway Fellowship, whereby people come together. Each member in the Parkway Fellowship are they brother keeper and have strong bound joining them. In the times when one of the members need their help, they will join together and support them. When the members of the Parkway Fellowship share gift and food they practice what the Bible teaches them.

In one way or the other, the teachings of the Bible will help in improving the life that an individual is living. Having sex out of a marriage and abusing drug is immoral as per the Bible. And when the doctor is advising one of the church and Parkway Fellowship member, they will repeat the same thing. When the message is spoken severally to the individual, they tend to understand and avoid those things.

Do you know that when an individual attends the church, they increase the power of their brain. The teachings that are given in the church will need the members of the church including the Parkway Fellowship to imagine of those things being talked about. Every Christian believe there is God, but nobody has ever seen him. Among the members of the Parkway Fellowship, they picture the image of God which increases the power of the brain. When one attends the church they get to understand things that are outside their locality. Different writers wrote the Bible from different places one need to have some knowledge to get the message.

When you attend church, you are expected to live more years. In the Parkway Fellowship one is taught how to live happily by ensuring that nothing is disturbing them. When an individual does not have anything in their mind or heart worrying them they will have a good sleep. As per research from the member of the Parkway Fellowship it is shown that women who attend the church twice per week have a thirty-three percent chance to live longer.

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