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More Information about Bone Conduction Technology
Bone conduction technology refers to the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Thus allowing the user to consume audio content without the ear canal getting blocked. Normal and those with hearing loss can use this bone conduction technology. Study shows that they are several people that do listen to music. Using bone conduction technology is essential for it helps a person continue listening to music whereas they are acquiring the beneficial factors that come along with music. Bone conduction technology has been seen well than the regular headphones for they bypass the outer and middle ear completely. Also several people prefer bone conduction technology for it passes the middle ear meaning that eardrums are not involved in the process.

Using a bone conduction technology is important for it mainly plays the role of the eardrum. Bone conduction technology also play the role of the eardrum for they decode the sound waves as well as converting it into vibrations. These vibrations are the ones that go to the cochlea then the signals go to the brain where they are interpreted as sound. Not only to normal people is that bone conduction technology beneficial but also to those suffering from hearing loss. The hearing loss in many cases is as a result of damaged eardrum hence use of bone conduction technology being essential for it does not involve the eardrum. , In this case, we have assumed that the person’s cochlea has no problem. However this technology is not effective to those with hearing problems despite the vibrations being sent to the inner ear it might not be able to pick them up. The first importance of using bone conduction technology is that it improves situational awareness. The process of knowing all that which is happening in our surrounding is referred to as situational awareness. With the use of bone conduction technology one can realize quickly all that which is happening on our surroundings helping us identify potential hazards. T Improvement of situational awareness is achieved for this technology does not cover the whole ear, and it placed on the cheeks.

Another advantage of one using bone conduction technology is that one is provided with more comfort. Use of headphones can be tiring and uncomfortable thus choosing bone conduction technology is essential for t to provide one with relaxation. Lastly, it important to note that bone conduction technology is safe for the ears. Ears are delicate as well as being an important part of a person body hence we of bone conduction headphones ensures that no danger is fostered to the ear.

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