The doctor will wait

Ladies! You're saying what's happening to you, not even forty-five, and you feel strangely? I think it will be a stress, you are experiencing it today and daily, you need to choose. But beware, calmly it can already be about the symptoms of klimakteria. It depends on the physiology of each woman, at what age these symptoms begin to feel. Fortunately, there are effective support devices on the market that can reliably mitigate these and other symptoms, and you won't have to run to a doctor right away.
Here we go!
Your unexpected and unwarranted hot flushes and sweating will probably not result from stress at work. When you add even more nervousness or lack of interest in sex, it is clear. You have reached the stage of the Climacterium. But you do not have to worry, everything can be corrected in some way and in a moment you will be good again.