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The Risk of Hitting the Head

We cannot deny the fact that in some ways or the other we hit our head and get an injury. You are an individual who is a health enthusiast or a medical person Then you must be aware of some risk that a head injury would do to us. And you question yourself about the seriousness of the head injury that you have earned. You have definitely come to the right place. Continue to read on as we will discuss the various forms of head injury. You will get the answer that you needed regarding on the potential risk of getting a head injury. Even so, the best thing you can do is to seek the help of a doctor and or medical practitioner to examine your head and treat the injury as soon as possible.

Injuries could vary from minor to major head injuries. The most apparent one is the scalp cut but the most serious ones are hard to identify. Yet symptoms can be observe from those sufferers of head injury. If you find the victim of head injury to suffer from unconsciousness, vomiting and nausea and disorientation. Go to the nearest hospital and immediately to the emergency room to get the necessary treatment and attention from the doctor.

There are many different complications that may be expected from the head injury, some are more obvious and the others are not. There is what we call us the traumatic brain injury that can be classified as chronic or acute depending on the impact of the head injury. Acute subdural hematoma is another complication that might be the potential complication for head injury. The bleeding happens inside the skull in this type of injury and it cannot be seen in our naked eye. By letting your head get examined through the use of CAT scanner, you can now know about the seriousness of the injury. The next complication could be the chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The reason for the chronic injury formation is the hard and repetitive hitting of the head. These things usually happens to the athletes from boxers, foot balls, and also the soldiers they are the ones who suffer all of these the most. The thought of acquiring a head injury is a scary one. We need to be extra careful with our head and as much as possible mindful of the protection of our head. If you have a head injury then go see the doctor for treatment. That is all for this entry I hope you find it helpful and we would love to hear from you too. Take the information here be applied to you life to avoid any injuries in the future.

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