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Hypnotherapy – How It Works and Helps Fight Depression

You may have never been to a hypnotherapist before, but most probably, you’ve had a hypnotic experience at some point in your life. Of course, it couldn’t have been as helpful as having an expert’s guidance could’ve made it. But it gives you more reason to believe that hypnotherapy is real.

If you’ve been struggling with depression for a while, it’s time to decide to end it once and for all. It’s time to decide and see that you cannot let this continue any longer. You have to stop experiencing this feeling of helplessness because you’re not really helpless in the first place. Long as you choose trusted experts, hypnotherapy can be the solution to this issue.

While some people are not convinced that hypnotism is real, the evidence is overwhelming. In a research conducted in Germany, participants were split into three groups based on suggestibility (the ease or difficulty of hypnotizing a person) – high, average and low.

While under hypnotism, subjects were shown various shapes, such as triangles and circles, and were told to take note of how many times each shape appeared. Simultaneously, they were told to imagine that a wooden board was obstructing their view of the screen.

All three groups had errors in counting, but the one with the most mistakes was the set with the highest suggestibility (the easiest to hypnotize).

Additionally, the researchers noticed fascinating brain activity patterns while the participants were under hypnotherapy. While looking at the individuals‘ neural processes, they noticed that at about the 400th millisecond after the shapes were presented, brain activity was dramatically reduced, although normally, it should have been very high. However, just about the next 200 milliseconds after the stimulus was shown, no differences were apparent.

So in simple terms, with hypnotherapy, you can change how your mind works. No more feeling that there’s nothing for you out there, which is common when you are depressed. Again, true and trusted experts in hypnotherapy are key.

After all, your hypnotism isn’t even dependent on other people. It’s something that spontaneously happens within you and probably without you knowing. Have you tried driving long distance and suddenly, you don’t recall one thing from the last five miles you’ve covered? That’s simply your brain entering the hypnotic state as part of its routine maintenance. At the end of the day, evidence points to hypnotism as a scientific event and hypnotherapy as a completely valid method of managing, if not curing, depression.

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